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 Logging in and no-longer being in Trinity

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PostSubject: Logging in and no-longer being in Trinity   Wed Aug 04, 2010 5:37 am

Hi everyone this is a thread meant for all of our members that may log in and be out of Trinity, I had been waiting to see if we won (guild of the month) before moving all under 47 to pwnography but who would have guessed it webzin failed , again. Which we want all of our members in Trinity eventually but as a whole I truly think we are better the higher we move our member requirement too, to a point at least, and I feel for the time 47 is a good place someday would like to see it around 68 but untill all our gang gets little stronger this will be cool also by more of our lower members going into pwnography instead of being the lowbies in Trinity , will now be the big boys or girls ^^ on campus in pwnography hopefully this will change somes mind sets and induce massive leveling Razz and also I have found alot of ppl will level alot of toons upto 50ish and stop so hopefully putting all of them in pwnography will create a desire to at least want off of the front page when coming into Trinity and with all of our members under 47 going into pwn' that should make the top of page 2 atleast around 60 some
So I hope anyone I kick will log in here and see it was nothing personal at all if anything it was meant to help all of us in several ways
Lots of Luck 2 All
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Logging in and no-longer being in Trinity
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