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 news on the signing of Tinity at sieges and much more

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PostSubject: news on the signing of Tinity at sieges and much more   Sat Feb 05, 2011 6:28 am

Trinity isnt as old as we first fought the guild failed to stay in the siege warfare top 3 guild..... it seems the first minute guilds r not gd enough it is down to those first Second guilds that wil own the server

we can try ain to sign for a siege castle but in future aspects of us getting into a siege warefare under the name Trinity i doudt we wil get far ....... Shame but hey life must go on. i hope within the next 2 months they change or remove the *Longest Guilds on server system* and replace it for much more fair system so any guild has a chance....

Now moving on to union and all the bul shit that has been going on. Examples being Poeple randomly leaving becuase we r in a union with guild that u dont like.... To be onest i dont really like MEMBERS from ever guild in this server but without a strong Union Trinity will be crushed by the constant Pking. I ask the people that have left guild for reason like this to rethink the decsions and think of the people they r hurting when it comes to feeling not just here own...

in the end i hope to move from this god forsaken server and go bk to even Archon or evengarda

Gz on lvls everyone and long live Trinity !!!
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news on the signing of Tinity at sieges and much more
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