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PostSubject: Explanation   Wed May 05, 2010 2:42 am

Hey everyone,

I would like to give a little insight as to why M3d3vil and I left Trinity.

I will start off with saying that we do not plan on leaving the union and have no ill feelings directly toward anyone in Trinity. Jason is a great GM and all the members are working hard to get to a point where the guild can be a power house. I say Gratz to all for their hard work. We all know how much work is involved in this game just to get to a point where you can be even close to competitive.

In the past couple of weeks a few little things, which i will not go into here, have happened that have caused us to not have as much fun as we think we should be having. We both work very hard to do our best for ourselves as well as for others everyday i think this is plain to see. As we all know if you get enough little things that bother you eventually they pile up into a big problem but, if you can step back for a bit away from these things then it gives you time to sort it all out and get back to normal and back to having fun again. After all this is a game and should always be fun, right?

s1r1sOOs1r1s has a thread here now suggesting a new union with bigger/stronger guilds. I totally agree with this idea. Yes i know we have friends in other guilds that keep some people from PKing us but we dont have any help of any kind from anyone but ourselves at this point and time. Jason is working hard on recruiting and doing a great job, now its time to recruit a stronger union. For my part in this I will spend some time to see if i can get MollyHatchet built up. Maybe if we had 2 semi strong guilds it would be more appealing to other bigger guilds.

I know we can all get what we want and with hard work and team work we will succeed.

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