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 LOGGING IN AND SEEING THE BIG STAR :P LOL (about not being in union)

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PostSubject: LOGGING IN AND SEEING THE BIG STAR :P LOL (about not being in union)   Fri May 07, 2010 9:41 pm

Hey gang, I'll try to be breif atm because its after maintance and thats 4:00 am my time an im very tired,its been a long night to say the least, Razz but I'll add to this (alot) soon .... probably tomorrow . It came to our knowledge Getoducii (I'm not naming names) leans toward the pk side of things, everyone in guild knows Trinitys policy on the subject of pk. So that alone is answer enough for that , however that said this doesnt meen we are enemies just because we dont play the same way mearly that we just are in a union.At the moment Fister and myself are speaking to several allies and freinds and working on building a strong alliance of many guilds all liked minded and that want to see each of the guilds getting what they each want along the way, I said I would keep it breif and I did't but when i preveiwed an returned to edit it erased an hour long novel Razz so im gonna really keep it short this time at least till after I get some sleep and log in tomorrow but I want to let everyone know a couple things and ask a favor from everyone.
After speaking to alot of seiging guilds and some of our allies and friends from several servers we are doing really good for ourselves quickly, our guid is working awesome together as far as sharing builds to gear to gold. And as alot of the other gms and I agree more important than how many 9x's we have at the moment is how well we work together and that we have such a good activity rate. Over the past week alone we have had over 70% of our guild log in over three times in a week and in any 24 hour period upto 50 people will log in for at least an hour, with the majority playing over 4 hours, and many playing several hours everyday. It had also come to my attention many of the 'big' guilds have 2 or almost 3 pages of lvl 1's, and as for Trinity very, very, few of us have even have two characters in Trinity unless it is for guild buff purposes or something to that nature and both are either being played at the same time or at least both toons several hours daily (not playing favorites) anyone having special circumstances needing more than 1 toon in guild at a time just let me know otherwise the same rule is still standing only mains in Trinty, or our most active character at the time. And as for what I wanted to ask everyone is alot of the guild members I had spoke with prior to writing this portion of the thread had been very helpful by giving a play by play on either guilds they had been in or guilds from servers that they had came from an what they were like, ie... PKers, good people, how many actives, how many high levels, were they as close knit as we are and are becoming, and possibly did or do you think you can bring into Trinity so if you will just add a reply, or personal message, or skype me, all my info is listed for members I really would appriciate it. Well gonna call it a night gang, later, and keep up the great work cheers
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PostSubject: Re: LOGGING IN AND SEEING THE BIG STAR :P LOL (about not being in union)   Mon May 17, 2010 2:56 am

Jason has been working hard on making allies on the ROUGE side of the tracks, which is a good thing for us all.

I have been working the other side, Bane/Dreadlords. which helps us as well until we decide to go to siege LOL or like yesterday in poison when there was all out war. i for one will not attk any ally on either side UNLESS i am attkd same as Jason. ofc there r dix in every guild that doesnt matter who u r they will kill u so we need to just deal with them and move on.

we will just have to see how this will all play out on here and for those who transfer to US server we all need to be getting things ready for that as well.
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LOGGING IN AND SEEING THE BIG STAR :P LOL (about not being in union)
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