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 Just Saying Hi...and WTB if Possible

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PostSubject: Just Saying Hi...and WTB if Possible   Mon Aug 02, 2010 5:03 pm

Hi all, my name is Uber and I used to be part of trinity back on archon server. U guys are a great guild and are really helpful and I really appreciate all that you did and taught me about the game. Just wanted to drop by and say hi and best of luck to u guys Very Happy

And while im here...just wanted to know if anyone has a lvl 78 for sale with the following stats. Very Happy
(Prefer empty)
ele attack >+13
(+1 doesnt really matter but if u have and wts then i'll be more than happy)

So ya just wanted to know if anyone had one with the stats above, or similar to it. Cuz the auction house ones are all stones and very few good ones. If you do just reply or post a pic and tell me how much gold or wp u want for it. Thx and hope u dont mind helping out an old friend.

(Btw Jason great job as always ^^)
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Just Saying Hi...and WTB if Possible
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